Global Scientific Company: User Insights for Agile Product Integration

This client has been the recognized leader in their industry for decades. They had accumulated many individual products in their suite of offerings, some of which had overlapping, competing functionality. Their flagship product had bloated from regular feature additions, and customer frustration began to mount. The breadth of their offerings was no longer sustainable.

The client chose to replace all of their products with a single extensible platform through a multi-year agile development program. Piece by piece, they would integrate only the functionality that met current user needs, resulting in one product that provided an interoperable, seamless, and intuitive experience for their varied user types.

We created a UX strategy that outlined a roadmap of investments. Then we conducted field research to observe users doing their jobs in real environments using our client’s and their competitor’s products. This informed our UX strategy recommendations and clarified what techniques were needed to support their agile development.

We set up two streams of insight and evaluation information to feed agile decision making. One stream included continued field research and diary studies, and was independent of agile sprints. This stream provided an ongoing repository of user insights that could be revisited at the start of every sprint. The second stream involved a weekly all-day user testing and observation session that was aligned with the sprint schedule. We established a laboratory and process to recruit users who could test that week’s functional code or interact with current products to provide usability data and information about perception and preference.

This frequent, direct user interaction gave the client the insights required for an agile development project of this scope.

UX Services List

  • Diary Studies
  • Field Research
  • Product Integration Design
  • UX Strategy
  • Weekly Testing and Evaluation
  • Workflow Analysis