Global Enterprise: UX Strategic Assessment

This global non-technology company challenged its IT department to significantly improve employee productivity. The IT department had built, purchased, customized, and integrated hundreds of internal products that were used by employees worldwide, but the department had no UX capabilities.

The client hired us to evaluate their preparedness to establish a worldwide UX capability and shift their culture from “feature and expediency” to “user-centric design”.

Specific Clarity performed a UX strategic assessment on a broad sampling of 70 product teams across various enterprise divisions. We provided a clear and direct metric of their current state, the expected transition costs, and a multi-year roadmap for hiring, growing, training, and converting to a user-centric design culture.

The client then engaged us for a year and a half to implement the plan. We assembled a team of UX experts with the specific skills needed for an interim UX team. This team established procedures and tools and gave UX hiring support. We provided apprentice training by piloting several UX projects along with our client’s newly assigned UX resources. These pilot projects also proved that improving UX for employees resulted in productivity gains.

Once the internal team reached critical mass and UX leaders were in place, we gradually transitioned out of the UX activities. The client now had the clarity of vision and the jump start they needed to become a user-centric culture.

UX Services List

  • UX Strategic Assessment
  • UX Capability Consulting - Design Reviews, Consultations, UX Forum
  • UX Hiring Support
  • UX Pilots - Financial Products, Security Products, Mobile Enterprise Apps
  • Interim UX Team and Leadership