Consortium of Companies: Security UX

This consortium of major public and private companies is working toward an innovative solution that allows users to create a single, trusted identity for use with multiple online services. Service providers can trust the identity, and users can avoid sharing sensitive information with multiple providers. The consortium sought out Specific Clarity because of our extensive experience in the UX of security, privacy, and identity management products.

Specific Clarity participated in concept development from the beginning and made UX goals a core part of the project. We stressed that the product had to be usable, predictable, trustworthy, and sensitive to user concerns about sharing personal information. We also highlighted the need for transparent user communication and control throughout the experience.

We established product-specific UX principles, a system workflow, and task flows for users and service providers. This information defined the capabilities and interactions that the system needed to provide to users of all types, and it helped align all components of the intricate system.

We developed and iterated conceptual wireframes, visual design, full copy, demonstration mockups, and interactive prototypes. By rapidly iterating these deliverables, we gathered quick feedback that influenced the design direction. We tested the interactive prototypes with representative users and identified pain points for resolution.

Specific Clarity then designed the consortium’s first client implementation: a trusted online identity management ecosystem for a healthcare provider network with 14,000 employees who provide services to over 2 million patients a year.

The experience we designed allowed patients and providers to easily share electronic healthcare records in a trusted environment. A patient started with an existing online account that was not associated with the hospital and completed a one-time identity confirmation against official records outside of the hospital network. The network would accept this verified identity, and the user was never required to share private identity information with the hospital or digital ID provider.

UX Services List

  • Concept Development
  • UX Goals and Strategy
  • UX Principles
  • Workflow, Task Flow, Activity Cycle Design
  • Security UX - Security, Privacy and Identity Management Design
  • Iterative Design - Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes
  • Usability Testing
  • Healthcare Implementation for Patients, Hospitals, Providers, and Integration with Electronic Health Records Provider