Ciespace User Research

As a burgeoning startup in the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) field, Ciespace had several things going for it: extensive knowledge of the fundamental physics and math of their industry, experienced entrepreneurial leadership, global investors, and a talented team of software developers. But they also recognized what they lacked: profound insights into the workflow, tasks, problems, and day-to-day activities of their users. That’s why they came to Specific Clarity for help with a new, innovative front-end product.

We started with a persona creation workshop to organize the speculative and anecdotal information the Ciespace team had already accumulated. The resulting personas became a communications and alignment tool that ensured the whole team shared a single vision of the end users.

Then we conducted observational field research at several global, regional, and local engineering and manufacturing companies. We observed, interviewed, and analyzed many end users of different skill levels doing their FEA jobs.

This research resulted in extensive insights into the motivations, skills, activities, pain points, and desires of this very specific population of end users. Armed with this new data, we clarified the speculative persona by charting a detailed FEA task flow and workflow, accompanied by a storyboard that showed how Ciespace’s innovative front-end product should fit. This insight filled Ciespace’s missing need, and it became the guiding reference for their business investments, concept progress, and product development.

UX Services List

  • Persona Creation Workshop
  • User Research
  • Refine Persona with Data
  • User-level Workflow
  • Storyboard Mapping

"Specific Clarity not only had the tools to help Ciespace increase productivity, they were open about their UX techniques, and involved our team at every step. We learned what we needed about our users’ workflow, and we learned the value of user research because we joined Specific Clarity when they visited user locations."

Kevin Kerns CEO